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Kiosk machines


10 KIOSK machines combining video and online advertising, or the so-called SMILE package.

Designed for selfie photos, our kiosk machines are an attractive marketing tool for communication with visitors at the airport.
When the machines are not in mode for photos all screens are showing 20 sec. commercials.

The SMILE project is an innovative and giving the opportunity to inform visitors and creating memories with positive emotions
Kiosk device is compact and eye-catching facility.

43-inch 4K touchscreen allows the visitors to take pictures, send their photos to their e-mail, and publish them in one click on social networks for free.

  • SMILE provides interest from visitors
  • SMILE connects emotionally with them
  • SMILE also enables ad presence on social networks

Digital totems


Digital totems of AERODROMEDIA are located in key locations with heavy traffic of people both in the public area and in overseas areas of arrivals and departures.

The totems are bilateral and give the opportunity to present the product or service through a video spot, static or animated banner.

Each totem is 2 m in height and 1 m width and with 55'' screen and 4K resolution on all 12 screens.

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